Home Staging: Port Macquarie

My favourite and most versatile home staging accessories are plants. They can instantly change a space to a place. A house to a home. Michelle Burton, DESiGNiNG Divas

The beauty of plants is they are naturally beautiful …and heart warming… and come in all shapes and sizes, textures and colours. It means every space in a home, whether a studio apartment or a huge family property, can benefit from the introduction of nature’s unique living art forms.

Plants can quickly create a visual depth and can make rooms appear larger. They connect the indoors with the outdoors. They can be subtle or bold. Calming or stimulating. When you showcase plants in a a beautiful container they become a wonderful focal point of any room. Adding smaller plants (and flowers) to a bench top or a table setting adds a finishing touch that also promotes a mood. When homes are professionally styled, the inclusion of complementary plants add a natural dynamism to photographs. It means online browsers (potential purchasers) can see the property is well cared for, inviting and full of warmth and individual charm. Visitors to the property on ‘open days’ truly appreciate the positivity of plants. 

Here are a few links with some great images* to highlight the grace and majesty of plants when used as a styling accessory in homes. That’s why we love them as part of our home staging inventory. Contact us today to see how Home Staging your property can result in a quicker sale for a higher price

Vogue | Pinterest  |Houzz  *Images  taken from the Vogue article.