Design a home that brings your family together


The following article is taken from an article written by Late Maces for HOUZZ – one of our favourite interior design websites:


Media room - designed by Designing Divas - Master Builders Home of the Year 2013

Media room – designed by Designing Divas – Master Builders Home of the Year 2013

(features a media room designed by Michelle Burton of Designing Divas (Port Macquarie) for Brandon Calder Homes)

George Bernard Shaw is quoted as saying: “A happy family is but an earlier heaven,” and so right he was. A family, however you define it, is often essential to our wellbeing at both a personal and societal level. Families provide security, love and support. And this feeds our souls. But, let’s face it, maintaining a close family is not always easy. Like anything worthwhile, it takes time, perseverance and a good dose of humour. One of the most crucial elements to healthy family life is connection. We need to spend time with each other to build bonds and nurture relationships. Parenting experts, from Dr Spock to Dr William Sears, preach the importance of attachment between parents and children. In our busy western world, it can be difficult to carve out the time necessary to create these strong bonds, but there are many ways we can use our home to facilitate this. Take a look at the rooms below to see how they have been used or styled to provide an environment conducive to interactive family life.

The article goes on to talk about the following: a games or rumpus room; a library; a while house; a home theatre; a backyard; backyard sports; a vegetable garden; the kitchen; the dining room; a blackboard; a craft room; a multipurpose room; a music room, decorate the house; a quiet space.

A fascinating article which highlights the need to carefully consider every space to suit your lifestyle. To view the full article on House design a home that brings your family together.

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