PPS FOR SALEThe possibilities are endless on this home…”    “This home is in need of  TLC to realise its full potential…”   “A renovator’s delight…” “Transform this older style home to the home of your dreams…”

Real Estate brochures, web and advertising descriptions will often describe a property FOR SALE as “having potential”  Unfortunately seeing the possibilities isn’t an easy thing to visualise.

DESiGNiNG DiVAS offer a pre-purchase possibilities service to potential homebuyers throughout the Port Macquarie area. If you are interested in a property but it isn’t ‘just right’ and you want to know how you could change it so it’ your ideal home, contact DESiGNiNG DiVAS.

From an hour’s consultation on-site to discuss potential space planning and alteration / addition possibilities to a complete interior design proposal with building design and landscape design –  we can highlight a property’s potential to suit your lifestyle.

We can even arrange structural engineer and builder or trade ball-park quotes. To the potential purchaser as hour or so discussing ideas with a DESiGNiNG DiVA could be the best investment they will ever make.

For further information contact DESiGNiNG DiVAS today.