The possibilities are endless on this home…”    This home is in need of  TLC to realise its full potential…”   A renovator’s delight…”  Transform this older style home to the home of your dreams…

PPS FOR SALEReal Estate brochures, web and advertising descriptions will often describe a property FOR SALE as “having potential”  Unfortunately, not too many potential purchasers are able to visualise how a house could be transformed into a home to ideally suit their lifestyle.

DESiGNiNG DiVAS offer a pre-purchase possibilities service to potential homebuyers throughout the Port Macquarie area.

If you have a client that is showing interest in purchasing one of your listings but has indicated that it isn’t exactly right, an appointment with a DESiGiNNG DiVA could help change an interest into an offer. From an hour on-site to discuss potential space planning and alteration / addition possibilities to a complete interior design proposal. We can even arrange structural engineer and builder or trade “ball-park” estimates. To the potential purchaser an hour or so discussing ideas with a DESiGNiNG DiVA could be the best investment they will ever make. For the real estate agent and vendor a quicker sale.